Peer-Reviewed Articles

·         Özdemir, G. Ş.  (2023). Intersectional (In)Visibility: Experiences of Irregular Migrants in Barcelona. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

·         Özdemir, G. Ş. (2022). Urban solidarity typology: A comparison of European cities since the crisis of refuge in 2015. Cities, 130, 103976.

Book Chapters

·         Bruce, B., Correia, T., and Özdemir, G.Ş. (2023). Sanctuary. In: Sellers, M., Kirste, S. (eds) Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. Springer, Dordrecht.

·         Faustini Torres, L., and Özdemir, G.Ş. (Accepted). June Journeys: Exploring Intersecting Pathways of Political Participation of Brazilian and Turkish Migrants in Barcelona. In: Yurdakul G., Beaman J., Mügge L., Scuzzarello S. and Sunanta S. (eds). The Oxford Handbook of Intersectional Approaches to Migration, Gender, and Sexuality

Book Reviews

·         Özdemir, G. Ş. (2023). Refugees in New Destinations and Small Cities Resettlement in Vermont, by P. Bose. Springer Nature, 2020, 267 pp. Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees, 39(1), 1–3.


Policy Papers

·         Zapata Barrero, R.; Melkonian, K.; Özdemir, G. Ş. (2019). Climate change, environmental degradation and Mediterranean migration: premises for shaping future policies. EuroMedMig Policy Paper Series (1)

Work in Progress

·         Özdemir, G. Ş. and Piserevskaya, A. (Under Review) Why do some European cities have inclusive policies for irregular migrants and others do not? Qualitative comparative analysis of municipal activism in 13 European global cities. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

·         Özdemir, G. Ş. (In Preparation) Translocal Sanctuary Dynamics: Intersecting Identities of Irregular Migrants in Barcelona